Sabine Schellhorn
Seals, Deltas and others:

Sabine Schellhorn develops art concepts for places and subjects; her most important project is SEALS.

In the same way, works from her project DELTAS correspond with exhibition spaces, for example the large haptic drawings.

Further art projects by Sabine Schellhorns are
Combi-Nations, Life Pattern and Leave Behind.




Location-related installation of the river Lielupe and series of haptic drawings with sand of the beach Jurmala

infos >>>





Location-related, haptic drawings and graphic series are created as a homage to the island of Juist: beacon cuts and land stripes.



beacon cut 1 | 2020 | relief print | 80 x 60 cm


The BBK Bremen is presenting 14 contemporary positions in the context of BBK project ZEITGLEICH – ZEITZEICHEN




CombiNations | 2015 | banner | 110 x 40 cm


Seven contemprary positions to the northern sea



Landstreifen BHV 5 | 2015| sand on canvas| 20 x 50 cm


Exhibition of the works of the art grant together with Patrick Fauck and Nell Berger.

Schellhorns installation DURST (thirst) shows 88 liter of water within 480 glasses - brought from people of Geldern - exactly this quantity of tap water did Schellhorn drink during her stay in Geldern.

Furthermore she is showing paper embossings of manhole covers of the city.


thirst | 2019 | installation | 350 x 350 cm


female artist works to the subject animal in cooperation with GEDOK

Syker Vorwerk >>>


Rhombenwanze (bug cuts) A and B | 2019 | papercuts | each 30 x 20 cm


Project together with Brigitta Heidtmann, Michael Lukas and André Schweers.

Sabine Schellhorn finds in her cuts new interpretations of the lokal water cartography and of details from the inner space of the church St. Sebastian.

Opening: Fr. 12.07., 19 h


SanSeb 1 | 2019 | felt cut | 70 x 50 cm


Based on and playing with one element of the cartographie of the city Dortmund, Schellhorn designed small and large cuts in materials like felt, carpet, paper and wood, especially developed for her exhibition at the Gallery Anne Voss in Dortmund.


view into the Gallery Anne Voss| 2019 | installation


Sabine Schellhorn and Hiltrud Gauf show drawings and cuts with their own view of water regions and ways along these water areas.

opening: 12.05. 11 h


Inselorgan Mellum | 2015 | carpet cut | 90 x 70 cm


15 artists show different interpretations of the relationship between drawing and space

Kunstverein 68elf >>>


rosecut | 2013 | carpet cut | 180 x 180 cm
(on the column: work from Hiltrud Gauf)


sabine schellhorn is producing five seal wallpapers, one cardboard mega seal and a foil seal for window to birthdays of former owners of the fabric area heeder.

opening: 08.09.2018 19:30 h
fini: 14.10.2018 11:30 h


seal wallpaper 2 (detail) | 2018 | vector drawing| variable


Art symposium with 12 artists >>>

Sabine Schellhorn creates a group of works under the title Busch und Bach: carpet and felt cuts to local waterareas and landscapes and a performativ foto serie let it flow with all guests.

There will be an exhibition of all works.
Opening: 07.10.2018, 11 h


De Schwattsee | 2018 | carpet cut | 410 x 200 cm


The paper shape of a column of the City Hall Bremen will be transported to and grow together with a column of the harbor museum Bremen.
The supporting power of the column is lost by the fragility of the shell. And there is a context shift by loosing the original architectural and historical context but finding a new surrounding.

Opening 22.4. 11 h >>>


The first column from (SA)EULEN NACH ATHEN TRAGEN | 2018 |
paper impression for later installation | 240 x 65 x 65 cm


Nine artists are designing in different ways the eight blind arches of the church St. Stephani Bremen on the subject:
renew - convert - exceed

project folder pdf >>>



To pour pure wine or What is holy? | work in progress |
installation from about 4000 oblates | 375 x 210 cm | foto: Jens Weyers


Selected works for art lovers and collectors, an exhibition of 22 contemporary artists. >>>


seal stratification 18.3.+ 1.6. | 2017 | luminescent paper cut | 30 x 30 cm


Inspired of green areas and rivers of the city Essen Schellhorn creates abstract landscape calligraphies.

documentation pdf >>>


Green univers of Essen | 2017 | carpet cut on canvas| 240 x 240 cm


André Schweers and Sabine Schellhorn continue their exhibition series,
this time titled transfer.

Inspired of the harbor areas Duisburg und Bremen do the artists transfer their perceptions into their haptic works.

catalogue >>>


manhole cover combi HB-DU 2 | 2016 | foil cut | 370 x 370 cm


Michael Lukas and Sabine Schellhorn go further with their exhibition serie named
time:zones, this time in southern Germany in Fürstenfeldbruck.
Both are creating new combinations from usual forms, they install new interpretation of time and local arrangements...

catalogue >>>



Wesamper | 2016 | marker on canvas | 40 x 50 cm


Summer exhibition with works on paper from Emil Cimiotti, Michael Croissant, Friedrich Einhoff, Friedemann Grieshaber, Heinz Kreutz, Herta Müller and Sabine Schellhorn

Sabine Schellhorn shows a group of works: "water areas in Bremen".


Gewässer HB, Trilogie, part 2 | 2016 | felt cut on paper| 30 x 40cm


50 years Galerie OHSE

One of the long-established galleries of Northern Germany shows at its jubilee an exhibition of contemporary artists at the "Kreismuseum Peine".

Sabine Schellhorn combined in the glass object three day-seals from her annual project with three important daily data of the gallery history.











Seal Stratification Galerie OHSE 2016 | Seals 170, 73 und 272
antique glass, sandblasted | 24 x  15 x 9 cm


The art collection of Heiner Hussong - consisting of 600 wooden postcards of
contemporary artists - will be shown in the "Museum Schloss Corvey" for the first time to its full extent.

Sabine Schellhorn designed her postcard with the seal of Heiner Hussongs birthday.

Museum Schloss Corvey >>>


Seal 181 | 2016 | wood engraving, colored pencil | ca. 15 x 10 x 3 cm


Dortmunder Neu Gold – Kunst, Bier & Alchemie (New Gold – Art, Beer & Alchemy) is an exhibition, which is confronting
works by international artists with objects of the long history of beer culture in Dortmund.



six, golden and right - purpurpur | 2015 | 1225 beermats, acryl | 390 x 390 cm


Art auction in favor of the BBK Bremen
uditorium Kunsthalle Bremen



Cross Seals Stratification 4| 2011 | luminescent paper cut |30 x 30 cm


For two month Sabine Schellhorn is working during her art residency in "Wilke-Atelier" Bremerhaven. The atelier house is close to the river deltas of Geeste and Weser, near by harbour and Northern Sea, and inspires her to new haptic drawings:
water areas and land stripes >>>

catalogue of the exhibition
pdf >>>


geestecut | 2015 | carpet cut | 200 x 380 cm


Art dealer Marina Goldena | Riga presents a group of SEALS by Sabine Schellhorn at Affordable Art Fair NY

Metropolitan Pavilion
125 W 18th Street
New York , NY 10011



seal 229 | 2015 | layered felt | 25 x 23 x 1,5 cm


30 years Municipal Gallery Bremen celebrates in dialogue with BBK Bremen.

For the thematic exhibition
IM RAUSCH (in the intoxication) Sabine Schellhorn works with beermats, the floor plan of the gallery (which was once a brewery) and golden colour.


that's my beer (detail) | 2015 | acryl on beermat | 420 x 240 cm


Michael Lukas and Sabine Schellhorn start their exhibition series,
this time titled
Both are creating new combinations from usual forms, they install new interpretation of time and local arrangements...

GaDeWe Bremen >>>


CombiNations | 12 flags | 2015 | vector drawing printed | 45 x 87 x 400 cm


"ars loci 2015" is an exhibition of ten nominated artists in the City Hall and the church St. Martin in Nienburg.

Sabine Schellhorn shows seal-works in St. Martin. For example paper objects and a temporary salt drawing. Further new works corresponding with the architecture of the church...

Documentation pdf >>>


Seal Stratification| 2011–2015 | 7 paper objects| 125 x 120 x 240 cm


The Art Association Erlangen presents his winter-exhibition "10" in the Palais Stutterheim. For this thematic exhibition Sabine Schellhorn shows variations of her Seal from 10. 10..


Seal 10.10. | 2014 | paper object | 50 x 50 cm


Art dealer Marina Goldena | Riga presents a group of SEALS by Sabine Schellhorn at Fridge Art Fair in New York City / Long Island:
paper objects, paper cuts and film


Seal 325 + Seal 319 | 2013 | luminescent paper cut | 20 x 20 cm


André Schweers and Sabine Schellhorn continue their exhibition series,
this time titled

Based on her one-year project "365+1 seals" Sabine Schellhorn presents a growing Seal Stratification corresponding to opening dates with André Schweers and also new works in relation to exhibition days in the art tower. >>>


Seal 183 | 2014 | foil cut | 270 x 180 cm


Zīmogs uz ūdens -
Seals over the water:
At the end of her art residency Sabine Schellhorn shows frottages from ornamental manhole covers of Riga.

Further she composed a new seal from graphical details of the railway bridge - film drawings installed in a window façade.


Zimogs - Exhibition Riga | 2013


In an artists’ dialogue with the sculptor Uwe Spiekermann a spatial concept is developed for the BBK:ruhm exhibition space in Hannover. >>>



Exhibition Hannover | 2013


Exhibition of nominated artists
for the
3rd International André-Evard-Prize at the Messmer Art Museum in Riegel:
88 positions of geometric and abstract contemporary art. >>>


Seal 28 as Twined Ball | 2011 | carpet cut | 150 x 150 cm


The working dialogue "André Schweers meets Sabine Schellhorn" continues at the Municipal Gallery/ Emschertal-Museum, Herne Germany, this time titled disPOSITIONEN.

Sabine Schellhorn presents SEALS and DELTAS.


Seal Stratification| 2011 | paper objects| 120 x 100 x 150 cm


Exhibition of nominated artists:
rosebook instead of facebook

Sabine Schellhorn developed a series of 20 rose seals; graphics in the rosebook, a round book hovering over the walkable carpet rosecut...


rosebook | vector drawings| book object |h: 20 cm


For the thematic exhibition "Weiss-Grau White-Grey" at Galerie Ohse in Bremen a seal-stratification of paper objects commemorating important dates in the
gallery‘s history is developed, and place-referenced film drawings installed in a window façade.


Seal 325 and 319 | 2013 | acryl | height 70 cm


"Seals for the Pavilon"
A group of seals is developed for the Pavilion of the Gerhard Marcks Haus, Bremen relating to formal elements of the building, specifically the window areas and frames.



Siegel Stratification and Light-Field Seal | 2013 | paper objects, projection
Foto: Ingo Wagner


Back to the roots:
Sabine Schellhorn presents her one-year project "365+1 Seals", frottages and embossed prints from lino cut.



365 + 1 SEAL one-year project | 250  x 400 cm


At the Landesmuseum Detmold, Elisabeth Brügger and Sabine Schellhorn tackle the joint theme "Rooting and Growing". For the first time Sabine Schellhorn creates seal-artworks linked with the thematic complex of deltas.


Exhibition Detmold 2012


The DELTAS are the subject of a solo exhibition at Erlangen Art Association in the artist‘s home region of Franconia. Kunstverein Erlangen >>>


Delta J 2 | 2012 | carpet cut | 200 x 450 cm


The artist engages in a dialogue with author Inge Buck for the project "35th Match Day" about a Werder Bremen
home soccer match. In realizing this project Schellhorn brings in all three groups of seals, overlapping references
to times, places and themes. In the milieu of soccer she connects the match-day seal with the place, her
graphic interpretation of the soccer pitch.


35th Match Day Project with Inge Buck | Galerie Kramer 2012


Now the cross seals move to the Diocesan Museum Osnabrück, where the cross-seals film runs on two computer stelae.


  Light Cross Seals | 2011 | Film in Computerstele    

"Sabine Schellhorn meets André Schweers” is the beginning of a working dialogue between kindred artists. In the gallery of the "artists´house" in Duisburg, an exhibition series is launched.


Exhibition Artist House Duisburg


On the artists’ platform of Bremen's 7th
Spring of Art, the daily seals from the opening and closing dates were installed in oversized filet crochet.
Attention is called to the ambivalent function of the net in the room: is the net snaring or safeguarding the

Seals in Net 1 and 2 | 2011 | filet embroidery | each 300 x 200 cm

Galerie Ohse in Bremen shows late modern to contemporary artistic positions in its exhibition "Cross + Crucifixion" >>> for which 12 new
cross-shaped seals were cut in stratifications of luminescent paper.
The perfect uniformity of the crosses in all four directions emphasises the suspension of gravity. The symbolism of the numbers three, four, twelve plus one comes into play both here and in the projection of these 12 "Light Cross Seals" in 42 manifestations.

Cross Seals | 2011 | luminescent paper cut | each 30 x 30 cm

The heart seals are formed on the rotation principle, referencing the conveyor wheels of the industrial museum, now shown in Haus der Kunst, München Munic, Große Kunst-Ausstellung. >>>

  Hearts Rotating 1 and 2 | 2010 | carpet cut | 300 x 300 cm

In the context of the mourning room,
the daily seals from "365+1 Seals" become signs of life which frame the lives of people on this earth. Seal
drawings in the room pick out the central themes of "Coming onto Earth" and "Becoming Immaterial"..


Seal 323 | 2010 | salt | 330 x 200 cm

The "Heart Seals" family is an exanple for place-referenced seals in
correspondence with spaces at the Industrial Museum Rheinpreussen.
The ornamentation of the floor is reordered, and fragments arranged in new patterns, cut in artificial turf.

Heart Shaft | 2010 | carpet cut | 50 x 50 x 5 cm

Seal 9 is executed in filet crochet as a six-square-metre field and located
on the lawn outside the Halle Municipal Gallery for the national competition Art-Place-Garden. The unfilled crochet holes are permeable to light and to the regrowing lawn. Filet crochet stands in correspondence to the digital world, but here the grid with its filet holes filled or unfilled calls for crochet, not pixel art!
Crochet Field Seal 9 | 2008 | 200 x 300 cm|

The seals project in Bremen, the most comprehensive solo exhibition so far, takes place in the summer in the
gallery of the Atelierhof Studio Courtyard. To accompany the exhibition, the catalogue SEALS is published by Lippe Institute for Regional Studies

  Seal Installation | 2000 | paper objects | 100 x 80 cm